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New Don Juan Rodriguez gift proposals: Deer and wild boar specialties in tubes

Deer and wild boar specialties (chorizo ​​and salchichón salami, whole or sliced ​​bresaola in olive oil and other specialties) proposed in the elegant tube-shaped packaging, to better preserve the unique characteristics of these prestigious products and guarantee a precious and welcome gift for others or for themselves.


Proposta di Natale 2022

We are pleased to offer our selection of typical European specialties especially reserved for the Christmas period, but not only!

Carefully selected products offering the best of tradition and quality of European gastronomy, made even more appealing thanks to new elegant gift packaging.


Salumi e Formaggi tagliati a mano Don Juan Rodriguez

When the expert hand of the Spanish "cortadores" masters meets an already excellent product, a happy union can only be born, which enhances tradition and preserves the organoleptic characteristics of these specialties: this is the case of our hams and cheeses Don Juan Rodriguez cut by hand, presented in elegant and practical round trays ready to use.
The knife cut avoids overheating to the advantage of the freshness and quality of the product: you can thus enjoy the authentic flavor and aroma typical of these Spanish excellences.


Jamón serrano affettato 100g

Van Loon presents its new elegant display with an attractive design, for the launch of the product Jamón serrano sliced ​​100g, 12 months seasoned. Taste and quality as always, long shelf life, maximum food safety (product treated with high pressure technology, which guarantees zero microbial activity), does not require refrigeration for its conservation.



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